Soundscapes are a creation of found sounds, ie Bird Song or urban sounds, new music and often incorporates voices and people’s stories.

The Rocla Art Trail in Milton Keynes at Redhouse Park, built on the site of a former concrete pipe factory, allowed me to work with wildlife sounds  I recorded in spring, personal interviews with former employees of Rocla Pipes and new home owners in Redhouse Park.

I wrote two new pieces of music for the guitar. I used bottle-neck blues for the workers’ stories and a more reflective sound for the new residents voices.See short ‘mash-up’ video below.

Rye Harbour Nature Reserve in East Sussex. SEE VIDEO RYE HARBOUR ON MY VIDEO PAGE

I was Artist in Residence for a year. The end result was four contrasting sounds representing the four seasons. I worked with residents of Rye Harbour and children from the local schools to create an atmospheric soundscape blended with sounds of coastal birds. The four tracks were placed inside a wooden, solar energy powered bench with a touch panel allowing the public to choose  a track.

Rocla Art Trail at Redhouse Park  Milton Keynes. Voices,stories,wildlife sounds blended into a narrative and played through a Sound Post powered by solar energy.

Funded by Great Linford Parish Council September 2018.