Miriam Backhouse

Portrait photo of Miriam Backhouse in concert

Miriam’s roots go back to the UK Folk Scene of the ’70s when she was likened to Joan Baez, and ranked alongside Maddy Prior and other revivalists of the time.

Then, she played a significant role in the folk revival, appearing at most of the Folk Clubs and Festivals of the time, including Edinburgh and Cambridge, with acclaim from all the leading critics of the day. Miriam’s interpretation of traditional and modern folk songs are unique, and her ability to lead a Folk audience into chorus singing, particularly, ‘Keys of Canterbury’ at Cambridge Folk Festival 1976, is the stuff of legends.

Over the years in South Africa, she has entertained for many concerts and festivals, including Grahamstown, Port Elizabeth and Splashy Fen  ‘Over Africa’ features on the 10 years CD – and established herself as a shining light in the entertainment business.

The CD reissue of  the brilliant album ‘Gypsy Without a Road‘ is still available with two added live recordings. TO BUY CD CLICK ON LINK BELOW.

Now re-established as Miriam Backhouse-Erasmus, Professional Folk Singer, in the UK. Folk Club, Arts Centre and Festival appearances there have been a great success and Miriam’s UK 2017 tour was a sell out.See Mim’s facebook page for 2018 gigs.

Gypsy Without a Road (MUM 1203)

Image of the front cover of the album 'Gypsy Without a Road' by Miriam Backhouse
  1. Far Away Tom Miriam Backhouse
  2. The Widow Miriam Backhouse
  3. The Farmers Have Gone East Miriam Backhouse
  4. Long Lankin Miriam Backhouse
  5. Nasty Spider Miriam Backhouse
  6. The Dark Side Of The Moon Miriam Backhouse
  7. John Riley Miriam Backhouse
  8. Keys Of Canterbury Miriam Backhouse
  9. Gypsy Without A Road Miriam Backhouse
  10. Veera Vata Miriam Backhouse
  11. I'll Lay Ye Doon Love Miriam Backhouse