Group Photo of Mirk Band Members
Group Photo of Mirk Band Members

MIRK are Scottish (Caithness) trio Ian and Margie Sinclair with Ray Crompton. Image of Mirk Band members sitting in a pub

Their debut album “Moddan’s Bower” (MUM1205) features the superb Ian Sinclair song ‘The Kings Shilling’ which has been covered by over a dozen singers including James Taylor.

Scots singer/songwriter DICK GAUGHAN wrote of this album:

‘There is no concession to gimmickry for the sake of it: there is fine signing and playing, beautifully controlled and with love and respect for the dignity of both the music and themselves. Margie must surely now be recognised as one of our finest singers, Ian as well being an excellent musician, has become that very rare set of songwriter who can write in the traditional style and be thoroughly convincing. Ray has done the impossible. An Englishman, he has immersed himself in the influence of Scots music while still retaining his earlier influences’.

Although no longer playing as a trio Ian does the odd local gig or two.

This is the ORIGINAL 1979 RECORDING on Mother Earth Records ! Very few original vinyl copies left now (£80). Latest value to collectors (in Record Collector manual) is over £160

Or, download the digital version.

Moddan’s Bower (MUM1205)