When Birds Sing…


A passionate environmentalist and Bird  watcher, I became intrigued with Bird Songs and Calls when I was Artist in Residence at Rye Harbour Nature Reserve. 

I’m currently writing a book but offer a Digitally illustrated Talk/Presentation which combines latest scientific research and human reaction to Bird Song, illustrated with my own field recordings, sonograms and music.

Introduction: Diagrams and description of how a bird sings.

How can a tiny bird like our WREN sing 100 notes in 8 seconds, 

and the Grasshopper Warbler can sing an astonishing 25 notes per second!

Why does a small bird (Marsh Warbler) collect up to 250 other bird songs and calls on its migratory path from West Africa to Northern Europe but have no discernible song of its own.

Many composers and poets have been inspired by listening to bird song and sounds. Sibelius went one step further and wrote a piece based on the sound of Swan wing-beats.

What did Mozart learn from his pet starling? 

The human condition and the Dawn Chorus. Certain sounds have a profound effect on human emotions.

Presentation can include tips on bird song & calls identification.


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Reviews: ‘When Birds Sing’ Beautiful and thoughtful. Most people were captivated! We will book you again for a Spring Birdsong Walk. Hastings Art Gallery & Museum.

“ I just wanted to thank you for your talk last week. I personally found the subject very interesting as I am sure all the members who came that evening did too. I also liked the inclusion of your compositions with natures sounds, something I don’t think we have had before (at least in my time in the Society!)”. Lewis Dickinson Chair MK Natural History Society

Friends of Linford Lakes N R.

“We had a full house and your Talk went down really well. Thank you so much for an inspirational and thought-provoking presentation. I will never be able to watch a Starling in quite the same way again!”.

saffron@motherearthmusic.co.uk or saffronsummerfield@icloud.com